Mostly the weather

Hi all,
Not all weather though. Sally B. noticed the SL on the bottom of that beautiful plate and I found Sandra Lance at her new home in NC. We had a nice long conversation today, easy because she happens to also be a loon nut. The bad news is she had to close her studio when she moved and it will be an unknown length of time until she is able to set up shop again.

Kathy D. provides the visual proof of the ending to our 2 days of mixed precipitation. The freezing drizzle started late yesterday afternoon and continued through the night. Temperatures remained below freezing until mid-day today allowing ample time to find the perfect shot.

Thank you Kathy.

The warm rainy part of the storm caused several fishermen to pull their shanties off the ice on the south end. No shanties have yet appeared on the big lake due to the thinness of the ice there. The fishing derby is scheduled for the first weekend in February so they still have a little time to hope for colder weather and the safe ice it should bring.
Meanwhile in SC, Bob H. sends us a sign of what is happening in that part of the country. Can spring here be far behind? Mike

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