Previous ice out dates

Hi all,
For those who think the previous ice outs might help with guessing this year’s date and time, here you go.

2009 – 4/29 3:20 PM
2010 – 3/18 12:47 PM
2011 – 4/11 10:03 AM
2012 – 3/13 10:15 AM
2013 – 4/1 4:38 AM
2014 – 4/13 8:10 AM
2015 – 4/15 1:03 PM
2016 – 3/2 1:26 PM

Now we need a statisticians out there to come up with the average date and time to share with us and how can we lose.

Winter has settled in here for the present and Kathy D. sends us this frosty window to enjoy.

Not taken today but could have been, a beautiful winter day from Ashley. We only got 2”-3” of snow in yesterday’s storm but the weather guessers are calling for that again tonight. Right behind that, they are saying 6”-12” from Sunday into Monday here in the valley and a foot plus in the mountains and along the coast. I put that in here to make all you snowbirds feel even better with your low to mid 70’s in Fl. and other points south. It has been a long time since we had a real storm here so I’m actually looking forward to it a little. Good pictures should be coming. Mike

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