Springlike, and lots going on

Hi all,
It has been crazy weather here. We broke the February high temp a couple days ago with mid 60’s and today we set an all time high winter record with 72 degrees. Winter is Jan/Feb/Mar in the eyes of the weather service. We have flocks of finches in the yard as well as several robins and I saw a large flock of canada geese flying north this morning.

Kathy D. sent along a picture of John already tending spinach and lettuce.

We have about 4’ of water around the edge and the ice itself is looking porous.

Also thanks to Kathy, we can see the Falls of Lana running heavy down to Lake Dunmore.

All the above has gotten Lord Dunmore out to his spot overlooking his cinderblocks and if you intend to make a guess, I’d recommend getting it in the mail ASAP. As I type, we have moderate rain and are listening to thunder and although the temperature is supposed to drop to freezing tonight and tomorrow night, it’s supposed to be high 40’s on Monday. You can scroll down for your printable ice-out form. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Can I be any clearer! Mike


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