Entertainment options next week, the ice of the day, and your “Dip” guess form.

Hi all,
Next Tuesday evening March 7th, Allon Wildgust will present a slide show of his and Marianne’s road trip to Alaska. It’s at the Brandon Library at 6:30 PM.
On Wednesday evening, Jim Andrews will be doing a slide show of his recent trip to Tanzania. He will be at the Salisbury Community School this Wednesday, March 8th at 7pm.
Allon and Jim are both avid birders and wonderful photographers so both evenings promise to be very entertaining and educational.

The wind quieted last night and temperatures in the mid teens left us with a mostly skimmed over view at 6:30 this morning.

As I headed out at 8:30, a light dusting of snow shows the re-freezing along West Shore Rd. and

looking across towards Branbury from Sunset Lodge.

In spite of dropping temperatures during the day, the wind proved to be too much and at 2:30 this afternoon, the views from Sunset Lodge

show open water for at least the first couple hundred feet.

Even though the ice was close to a couple inches thick, the wind either pushed it onto more secure ice downwind or up onto shore to be broken during the uphill climb on to shore.

The view from our window now at 5:30 (at 8 degrees) is about the same as it was in this picture at 2:30 and shows 3 or 4 different generations of ice depending on when it started freezing and how well it hung on in our protected corner. We should have an ever changing scene as we go from a forecasted below zero tonight to 40 on Monday and 50 on Tuesday if the weather guessers have it right. It’s a beautiful time of year here on Lake Dunmore and more pictures will be coming.

There is still time to get your guesses in for the ice out contest but i’d get them postmarked tomorrow to be safe. Your printable form is below. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Mike


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