Swan, lake

Hi all,
Here’s a couple more pictures of that beautiful trumpeter swan in Brandon, both from Friday.

This one not so beautiful I suppose, it turns out they go bottom up to feed.

Back here on the lake late yesterday we were only partially refrozen in spite of the single digit temperatures. The wind was enough to keep the unprotected ares open.

Last night the wind died however and this morning our end is solid across. The north end is open except around the shoreline. This made me wonder about how the swan was doing in the marsh that I learned also remained partially open yesterday. So I visited again late this morning and

found the swan asleep on the ice with a single canada goose keeping it company. When the ice would crack, they both would lift their heads to look around for a few seconds but then they’d settle back down again. There are only a couple bathtub size open water areas left so lack of food, coupled with the forecast for heavy snow Tuesday, would seem to have a decision time coming. The swan has been seen flying at least a couple times I know of, so it’s not stuck there. One can only wonder what it is thinking. Mike

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