A little snow here

Hi all,
We got a pretty good storm here over the last couple days. The official measurement in Burlington was 30” but it varied from 40+” in some of the ski area to the low 20”’s in other parts of the state. Although they were calling for a blizzard, we had very little wind in our area.

Kathy D. sent along this picture of one happy dog, it was taken yesterday afternoon before the snow had built up much.

Here’s some from Rosie taken first thing this morning.

We had no shortage of birds at the suet or the feeder.

One dove who didn’t care for all the snow in its normal landing spots.

From Kathy, a shot of John and dog 2 headed out for their walk this morning.

Late afternoon, I finally got out to shovel of the deck for the second time. I cleared 10” off last night and this pile measured 15 1/2” of thankfully very, very fluffy stuff.

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