Quiet around here

Hi all,
With March weather becoming very like February should have been and the subsequent re-freezing of the lake, it is very, very quiet here.

So, thanks to Bill P, we start with a little very old news. Bill tells me Crystal Beach was just south of us at the corner of Hooker Rd. that became the Brebeuf Boys camp and is now privately owned.

Brandon Union, 9 Jun 1932, Dunmore fire Crystal Beach

We do have some great bird pictures thanks to Rusty K. This peregrine was local but

this great gray owl has caused a great many local birders to make the trip to Newport NH where it has stayed around a while.

My bird sighting lately have been limited to a few mergansers as I travel West Shore Rd. The trumpeter swan was still in Brandon as of a couple days ago though and thanks to a reminder from Cathy M. and Lana R, the DC eagle cam shows one chick hatched this morning and the second should be by the weekend. Here’s the link so you can watch it live, a little good news from that area. http://www.dceaglecam.org/

The picture below was just taken to show you what our last few days have looked like. The snow and ice are melting slowly with the lack of sun but I would expect the ice in front of us to disappear quickly the next time we are lucky enough to have a cloudless day. Mike

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