6 days of change

Hi all,
March 30th, ice across the south end.

April 1st, 24 hours of snow gave us a couple inches where it stuck which thankfully wasn’t the driveway or the roads.

It looks like mid winter on the lake.

The big lake is wide open but no one will be using this canoe anytime soon.

The ride into town that morning was beautiful.

Mid afternoon on the 3rd, we can see the lake opening up on the east side.

10:40 on the 4th, winds have enlarged the opening most of the way across.

By 1:00, a couple hours later, we’ve just got a few feet of broken ice on our shore. When the wind is strong, the ice breaks up quickly.

Late afternoon, Kathy D. shows us that the ice in the area around the island was still there, maybe protected form the wind.

This morning we still had a little broken stuff on our shore but by late afternoon we are clear and the dock is in. Chrissy S. and granddaughter Cadence got the honors of first kayakers this afternoon, I was too slow to get a picture though.

Lots of rain and wind forecast for tomorrow and Friday, that should take care of the ice we can still see in the coves on the other side. Can spring be far behind. 70’s by next week, welcome to Vt. Mike

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