Great dat at Goshen Dam

Hi all,
Yesterday, Sally, Allon, Marianne, and I put a new raft out at Goshen Dam. The old one is nowhere to be found but might just be floating below the surface because the water is high and our anchor cables are short. We’ll know when the water level drops.
How confident a canoeist do you have to be to balance an 80 ish pound something across the gunwales.

The paddle out was thankfully uneventful and after putting some vegetation on top, we towed it a little way out and Allon dropped the anchors. We are not nearly as far from shore as we would like to be but the high water and short anchor lines dictated where it could go for now. I’ll be in contact with GMP and we’ll move it further from shore as soon as we can.

As soon as we moved away from the raft to put the signs out, the loons went right by us.

They went close to it to check it out, I just didn’t get a decent picture.

They seemed to follow us as we backed out to place the sighs and

went right back in to look at the raft

and the signs.

“Do you think that is us?”

“Yeah, looks like it is.” “Do you think we are wanted or something?”

I have dozens of pictures of them checking it from all angles, not bothered by us at all. Back near the raft at some point they seemed to display some brief mating behavior and eventually they started feeding.

I got a note and these pictures from Rusty K. on Fern Lake today. Thank you Rusty, I’ve yet to see my first loon on Dunmore. A big thanks to Allon, Marianne and Sally too. The job wouldn’t get done without them. Mike

“While putting my dock in at Fern Lake I had the most amazing birding experience. What I’m assuming to be a migrating flock of yellow-rumped warblers passed through the trees surrounding me. For between fifteen and twenty minutes the flock continued to fly through. A conservative estimate would be 150 birds. Certainly an incredible experience. They were proceeding north right along the lake. I’m wondering if anyone else on Fern or Lake Dunmore might have witnessed the spectacle. Have yet to see any loons on Fern, looking forward to my first sighting.”

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