Back to Goshen Dam

Hi all,

Before we show Goshen again, here’s Ashley’s shot of the rainbow the other day. She caught it at peak and got the double.

Now back on the mountain, we decided to haul the raft back to shore to lengthen the cables. It was a smart move because I’m sure I would have dropped the wrenches and clamps in the drink. When we got it to shore, we noticed one large corner of the vegetation was mud instead of grass and wondered why we would have left it that way. Allon turned it over to put the dry side up again and we then realized

that we were missing our evergreen, seen here the other day. Something, we assume a beaver, had chewed it off. That’s easily understandable but it then turned over the 18’ X 18’ clod it was growing from and left it in place. Do you suppose it thought we wouldn’t notice the missing tree if we didn’t see the little stump? Mother Nature at her best.

The raft is now far enough out with enough slack cable that the water can rise and fall without us worrying.

As we were finishing loading up, this butterfly went by and landed on the ground just right by the access. It kept flitting from stone to stone but finally stayed put long enough to get a picture. Until today, I never knew there was a comma and a question mark butterfly. I’ve been back and forth to the ID photos and lean slightly towards question mark but I’ll let you decide and let me know. Mike

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