One for the birds

Hi all,
It has been a quiet week as we wait for real spring to arrive. The boat finally went in the water one cool day the middle of last week. The brisk north wind had me happy to come straight back to the dock but now we are ready.
Waterbird sightings from the camp remain few, we did get to see an osprey dive a couple times only to drop the fish it finally came up with. Little birds have been plentiful and we got an infrequent visit from a red bellied who made the downy (I think) wait a while.

Here’s a pretty good shot of finches sharing a perch. We do have our share of color.

We finally looked out to see this immature loon one day as it looked in at us and

quickly decided to depart. We had it in sight about as long as it took you to look at the two pictures. Considering it was at least a couple hundred yards out, I’d like to think it wasn’t us that caused the departure. It did seem that way though.

We did get out in the boat for a little while on Friday which turned out to be a beautiful day. We got this merganser on a rock just north of the island as

we went around putting some of the signs out.

Jean and Harold S. cruised by to let us know that they had seen a loon feeding on the east side so we took a ride over and managed to get one decent long distance shot. There were actually two loons but they were spending so much time underwater that it was hard to know that. They only surfaced together once in the several minutes we watched. The two of them have been regularly seen by many folks who are north of us, they just aren’t coming down this way very often. Enjoy, Mike

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