No birds this time

Hi all,
I guess we’ll start with the not so good news and get it overt with. If you haven’t seen it on the news, ticks are supposed to be numerous this year and along with the usual are now bringing a new potential problem.

Rare virus gives Vermonters another reason to avoid ticks

Thanks to Bob & Kathy H. for sending that along.
Thankfully no mosquitoes yet this spring but I’ve been told the BLSG crew have been spending a lot of time applying larvaecide in the swamps. Do we dare hope for a third easy year?

Good news is that the loons here are finally spending a little time in our corner. We saw them feeding and preening late yesterday and again just a few minutes ago.
Sally reports that the Goshen Dam loons were spending time near the raft again today but moved away when an eagle started circling.

The next few pictures are from Ashley’s point of view and we thank her for them all. Below is her fairly new companion Rufus, here in his king of the lake pose.

Fringed polygala she says, and I’ll take her word for that.

A garter snake is something I’m more familiar with.

A toad would have to be a foot long for me to notice it in that setting. All are wonderful signs of spring.

Thanks to Rosie for hollering at me to look out the window a few minutes ago. The rainbow was so crisp that the picture doesn’t do it justice.

And it looks like the pot of gold goes to Kate W. Her house is right there in that patch of trees.
Enjoy, Mike

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