Off the lake, and on.

Hi all,
Summer has arrived on and around Lake Dunmore. Dede S, and John D. went in for their first swim today but I was unable to download the picture. John was in with their dogs and Dede says she was in with a merganser and a lot of mosquitoes. I’ve had reports from both sides of the lake that today was the day the skeeters became intolerable in many places. A couple of us have called already but all who think it’s time for help in their neighborhood should call the BLSG and request a spray truck. 247-6779. Better write it down for further reference. Last spring they got on them right away and we only had a very few bad days.

Below are some gray foxes just outside their den, you don’t see them nearly as often as the red variety. I used to regularly see one crossing West Shore Rd. by Songa but not lately. Of course I’m not out at night much lately either.

A painted trillium sent in by Allon W. He says there are plenty on the walk in to Silver Lake.

This was a few minutes ago on our way home after a wonderful dinner cruise around the lake with Robin and Kiwi P. Great weather, great food, and great company. Who could ask for anything more. We did have to keep moving though. When the breeze died, the mosquitoes came out in force. We would have liked to float a while longer but there was no way. Mike

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