Around the lake catch up

Hi all,
From Robin P. we get a couple shots of the great sunset we had a few nights ago.

No picture to go with the report but Kathy H. reports a ruckus at the island was caused by a crow, a loon, and a goose with goslings, all upset by an eagle in the dead tree there.
From Jennifer S, we have proof that the loons do come to the south end of the lake. Apparently I’m just not looking (or listening) at the correct time. On a ride up past the island this evening, we did have a great blue heron fly by.

Back with Jennifer S. again, the more exciting part of their paddle this morning was encountering a squirrel that was exhausted from swimming and was unable to climb up their paddle.

They rescued it with the help of a hoodie and ultimately released it on shore where it took refuge in a tree.

Next we have 2 found sailboats. This Sunfish drifted in this spring and

they’ve been holding this Snark since last fall. When you realize your sailboat is missing, you can call Amy or Kelly at 352-4266 to retrieve it.

Last but not least, Rosco went missing from his home on the east side this morning. If you’ve seen him, please call Liza or Derric at 247-9309 or 802-558-6944. Mike


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