Loons plus, and Fern Lake picture wanted

Hi all,
Fern Lakers, a good picture is needed for the FDFLA directory coming out this summer. I can go take one from the access but it would really be nice to get a different view. If anyone has one, let me know and I’ll get it moving in the right direction.

Loon lovers, Sue W. reports a loon on the nest on Kent Pond, the season has begun.
Sally B. went to Goshen yesterday and reports “2 herons and 2 goslings with their parents on the shore just behind the loon nest. The loons were hanging just off the shore to the left of the raft as I was standing on the shore by the beaver lodge. They floated to the raft. The female started to climb on, but slipped off. It looked like she was having trouble hiking herself up. The male floated around the raft for a few minutes and then fairly easily got on the raft, settled in and started nest building. They split up for a while then the female started nest building at the tip of the little peninsula where people hang out. A terrible spot to nest. Then they drifted to the left, had a nice bout of copulation and then headed back towards the raft area, but never got there. I hope they don’t try to shore line nest….But at least copulation is happening! Yay!”
Re Goshen for the folks new to the list, a shoreline nest will not work there because the normal water level fluctuation is up to 3 feet. The loons can only tolerate a very few inches because their nest will either flood or end up too far from the water’s edge.
Back here on Dunmore, several folks again reported one or two loons various places north of the island. Rosie and I will take advantage of the sunshine and go looking this afternoon.

Here’s Sue W. trying to stare down a grouse, very territorial because of a nearby nest.

Here is our neighborhood cottontail in a patch of clover at our place. I think this is the same one who first showed up last summer, it has the same habits anyway.

It’s very wary which probably accounts for it surviving this long. Shorty after this shot it was gone. Enjoy, Mike

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