Loon & other critters update

Hi all,
Sally checked Goshen Dam yesterday and today and saw that the loons have nested on the raft. Sue W. went to Silver Lake today and saw only one loon floating near the south end. That could very likely mean that the other is on a nest there also. If you are headed up and know where they nested last year and the year before, please glass the sites from the opposite shore and let us know what you found. I can’t get up there until next week.
We still have an occasional pair reported here on Dunmore and a single is seen daily in the cove to the right as you come out of the access. They have not nested on the island for sure so maybe somewhere else. I looked hard along the shoreland of that cove and saw nothing, I could have missed it though. We aren’t getting many reports because it has been more like mid April than early June here and there is little traffic on the lake.

Other critters abound. This one is off the west shore and one was reported on FPF as tearing up a garden and chicken coop. That was on Smead Rd. I think.

This doe & fawn are on Mountain View and was sent in by Kathryn T. Springtime in the country is a joy to behold. Mike

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