One of those overdue updates.

Hi all,
It’s a busy time of year, off the lake if not on. It seems I’m just to tired at the end of the day to log on and send a note out. Lets see if I can cover all the important stuff.
Songa will do their fireworks on Sunday the 2nd. I haven’t heard when they will go off on the south end yet but probably Friday through Tuesday if weather permits.
The loons at Goshen Dam are doing great as of yesterday. Sally predicts the chick(s) will hatch there by the end of this week. Silver Lake is still an unknown but we are guessing there is no nest. The guess is based on the fact that 2 loons are being seen on the lake so frequently. It’s possible that there is actually a third loon on a nest of course and we just haven’t found it. We’ll know we guessed wrong if a chick shows up in the next couple weeks.
Here on Dunmore, the new nest site has made it an odd year for Rosie and me. We can see the nesting loon from the middle of the lake so we have no need to go any closer. We don’t sit over there because we feel like we are sitting in someone’s space because of the camps near by. We generally just shut down halfway across the lake and let the wind take us wherever as we read a book. We rarely see another loon and we haven’t seen the pair change places on the nest even once. Cilla B-S saw four loons between the nest and Sucker Brook while rowing a few mornings ago so we have at least that many for sure. Whether we have a couple more at the north end is anyone’s guess. Hopefully we’ll count them all on Loonwatch day.
Speaking of Loonwatch day, it is July 15th and we still could use one more boat with a couple sets of good eyes on it here on Dunmore. We have room for good eyes on the two boats we have too so please let me know if you can help out. We also need someone, preferably with a kayak or canoe to do Fern Lake that morning. Folks checking from shore will be good enough if no watercraft people respond, maybe we can get a couple of you on opposite shores looking outside at the same time.

Here’s our Dunmore loon panting away in the hot sun a few days ago.

Over there with Sue W. and Allon W. a couple days ago and it was hunkered down on the nest even though we were a hundred yards away.

Sue was first to see the reason, soaring over the ridge behind the nest. Kathy D. says she sees one in the dead tree on the island every day. I don’t know the status of the eagle’s nest but maybe the mate is tending to nestlings. Eagle folks, an update on that??

Here’s something different from Andy S. He ID’s it as a luna moth and says they have no mouth and therefor don’t eat. The live only to breed, and then they die within a week.

Headed for home on Thursday evening, notable for not raining at that moment.

This is Kathy and John D. also headed for home after chatting a few minutes. The day was notable for them since it was the first ride of the season in their 50 year old Whaler and they were celebrating there 49th anniversary. Congratulations Kathy and John. A boat and a marriage, both unsinkable.

Today, has the weather been less than perfect? Hail yes! Sunny and nice to pouring and hail, and now back to sunny and nice again. First time I’ve seen hail in a couple or three years. Mike

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