All three lakes

Hi all,
Allon had a busy day yesterday and we all reap the benefits.
At Silver Lake, he saw one loon on the lake and commented on the very high water which I heard from Kathy D. also. If the loons have a nest up there, it is somewhere different (and higher) than last year.
He said the raft looks great but is possibly not being used because otters are using a beaver lodge only a few feet away.

He said they were mildly disturbed by his presence, but not disturbed enough to leave their sunny spot on top of the lodge.

On Goshen Dam, he got this wonderful shot of the nesting loon and I think both he and Sally commented on how relaxed the pair up there are. He also saw a great blue heron and an osprey. Remember that this one should be hatching in the next 2-4 days.

He also visited the nest here on Dunmore but I think this is one of my pictures from yesterday. Today, the loon on the nest was lying nearly flat due to nearby fishermen. Hatch here shouldn’t be for another 12 days or so.

Yesterday, we were treated to seeing the mate feeding near the entrance to the cove. It came up very close to the boat a couple times and didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

We had a wonderful ride with friends this evening, the weather was the nicest it has been in several days.

In spite of the calm water, we were unable to find any loons other than the one on the nest and the one on the front of the boat. We did see an osprey. I was amazed at the lack of traffic out there considering that this is the last forecasted nice day until next Monday. Enjoy, Mike

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