Woo Hoo X 2

Hi all,
Sally spent a good part of the day spying on loons in Goshen and came home with great news. The first chick has hatched at Goshen dam and one loon is still on the nest so a second chick should be here any hour. If anyone gets up there, please let me know what you find. We’ll be putting “Loon Chick” signs at the access to encourage people to give them their space.
AND, after she watched the single loon on Silver Lake for a while, she kept getting the feeling that it was not alone. She went bushwhacking along the shoreline and found the nest there. Sally says it is an excellent nesting site, south of all the campsites and off the trail. We feel that marking it would only draw folk’s attention and it isn’t a place someone is likely to stumble on. Hatch date could be as far out as 3 weeks from now but we really don’t know when they nested.

Pictures today are all compliments of Kathy D.

She says the, or one of the eagles spends a lot of time perched on the island giving her plenty of opportunities for pictures but she has yet to catch one coming or going.

She did catch many shades of blue after some showers a few days ago.

And a touch of red on a passing merganser. Thank you Kathy.

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