Last flood notice for tonight

I just measured and the water is 18 1/2 inches above normal which is about where it was in the flood of 2008. I got a report that Rt 53 has at least partially washed out where Sucker Brook crosses and at the parking area for Silver Lake, water was running off the mountain and across the road. Dirt roads in the area have washed out. I heard a rumor that folks along the Neshobe River in Forestdale are being evacuated. It’s bad all over the state. Good news is that it appears that the rain is over except for a possible passing shower and the water has only risen about a half inch in the last hour and a half. GMP thought we might START to see the level go slowly down late tomorrow but they said that early afternoon. This isn’t going to be gone by morning.
I’m confident all of you understand the importance of keeping the waves at a minimum until GMP can get several inches of water out of the lake. It’s the folks not on this list that we need to get the message out to. In addition to the damage to docks, boats and the shoreline itself, boaters are running the risk of damage to their own boats as well as injury to anyone they are towing. There is already tons of flotsam on the lake and that will only increase with more waves. John E. sent me a note to pass along.

“Attention pontoon, kayak, canoe, and sailboat owners. Try to get out on the lake tomorrow and help educate some of the clueless yahoos that drive half plane speed and tell them to idle or get up on plane or stay off the lake till the water level comes down…And tell the wakeboarders to forfeit their wakes for a bit….
Many Many Thanx
John Ebert and the rest of the lake front owners”

We all know it is a holiday weekend and vacation time is precious, but so is our lakeshore. Please get involved to get the word out. Mike

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