The good news message

Hi all,
The Goshen Dam loons are off the nest. I only saw the one chick but in several of the pictures I took, that right wing was bumped up a little so there is a remote possibility there is another chick there. I’m not too hopeful but….

I could just see the two adults just out from the access when I got there but the other adult went down lake to join one that flew in as I unloaded. They had a little squabble when they headed back towards these two and the intruder flew away.
After I drifted about 40 feet away for a couple minutes, this one with the chick came towards me and they aren’t more than 15 feet away in these pictures. Very cool, as we would say in the 50’s.

Back on Lake Dunmore, we have more good news. Even after a 16 inch rise in the water the nest looks about the same height to me. After the hatch on Silver Lake last year, I discovered that the nest there, only about 2 inches off the water and attached to shore, was floating. It appears this one does also, with a little more height to allow for wave action maybe. I realized in about the third year we had loons here that we possibly worry about them a little more than is necessary but it’s always nice to have them prove it again. We will get up to Silver Lake ASAP to check that nest but my hopes aren’t high that it survived a huge rise in water. But maybe….

We came back across to 2 loons feeding in front of our dock. One started northbound as we approached and this one was looking for it after it surfaced. Again, a loon not bothered by people at all. It’s maybe 15 feet away and ignoring us. Mike

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