Lake level and loon update

Hi all,
No pictures to share but the news is good. I heard from GMP midday that the water level at Goshen Dam had stabilized and they hoped to be able to reduce the outflow there enough for our outflow here to gain a little ground. My measurements are rough at best but when I measured a few minutes ago, I think we might have dropped a quarter of an inch since this morning. It’s not much but at least we are headed the right direction. Progress downward will be slow and I’ll keep you updated. We had very few boats creating wakes today, neighbors are talking to neighbors and it is helping. I hope no one sustained any damage and lets see what tomorrow brings.
The loons are doing fine at Goshen Dam and oddly enough seem to enjoy kayakers floating nearby. Kudos to the people who frequent the waters there for creating that relationship. Sally and Allon checked the nests at Silver Lake and here from the shore today too. The nest at Silver Lake is above water and seems to be doing fine. We all were worried about that one. They said the nest here on Dunmore appeared to be sitting lower today and appeared to be wetter than past viewings. While they watched, the loon on the nest kept fidgeting around, turning the egg(s) and pulling more reeds into the bowl. If the nest gets wet, the loons can’t keep the egg(s) warm enough and of course they will fail. I’ll try to get over there tomorrow for a water view and see how it looks from that angle. Meanwhile we just keep our fingers crossed. Mike

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One Response to Lake level and loon update

  1. Nick Novelli says:

    We took a canoe past the dunmore nest this eve and the loon on the nest seemed pretty serene. We’ve never seen the nest before, but maybe her calmness is a good sign?

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