Sorry if you got this twice. Mike

Hi all,
Holly K. suggested we put our notes on Facebook as well as the LDFLA site. Can someone do that please, I’m clueless about how to get it out there. Thank you to whoever put it on the LDFLA site yesterday.

Water continued to rise last night and is now about 21 1/2” above normal. If your dock wasn’t floating last night, it might be gone this morning. They’ve sandbagged around the spillway and water is now running around the gate on both sides as well as full force out the gate itself. A note from GMP this morning said that Goshen Dam has crested but they didn’t mention Silver Lake. They expect Lake Dunmore to remain where it is for at least another 24 hours or so before starting a slow decline and it will remain higher than normal into next weekend.
I looked this morning and Rt 53 partially washed out just south of Sucker Brook but has been filled with gravel and is open. All gravel roads I went on have washouts and caution is needed.
I talked to VSP this morning, they are waiting to hear from Vt. Fish & Game. Though the representative I talked to agreed that we are in a state of emergency, no official one has been declared. He stated that we should try to keep people off the lake or at least keep them slowed down. When I asked about getting someone official on the lake today to help with the process, he said what amounted to probably not. I did learn that we now have 2 wardens covering the lake, Warden Whitlock for Salisbury and Warden Butler for Leicester “but they both have a lot of area to cover.”
Chet W. reports a lot of logs and debris have washed out of Sucker Brook again and was looking for suggestions about what to do with them if someone wanted to start clearing the lake. I think they were picked up along West Shore Rd. by the town last time but for the moment, I think just keeping them away from the spillway is a priority.
Kelly C. (who didn’t get the note for some reason) left me a message this morning basically seconding all of John E’s suggestions from yesterday. Stay off the lake or operate in a manner to not create a wake.
Jackie B. had 3 kayaks escape. Let me know if you lost or if you find anything and we’ll try to get stuff back to its owners over the next few days. If you do spot something drifting, try to secure it to stop it from wandering.

Off topic but I’m trying to catch up with all my e-mails and here’s one from Lorraine A.

Justin Holmes is an aerial photographer who will be shooting the BOAT PARADE (if we are able to safely have it M.) as well as other activities on Lake Dunmore on July 4. He is a licensed and insured drone photographer. If you hear or see the overhead drone that afternoon, look up, wave and smile! Justin will be shooting in the afternoon with good weather in the forecast. If you have a gathering going on at your residence or perhaps a kayak group outing, please email Lorraine Abramson at <lorraine.4369> with your lake address and approximate time . He will attempt to capture it from the air. The link to the final movie clip will be made available for viewing on the Association website. You can reach Lorraine Abramson at 802-247-8083 if you want more information. In the meanwhile, be safe and have a wonderful holiday week.

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