Tuesday evening update

Hi all,
The lake is down to 15 3/4” above normal, we experienced a little better than a 3” drop over the the last 24 hours. Hopefully GMP can maintain that rate for the next 48 hours at least, more rain with possible t-storms is forecast for Thursday night and Friday. Another 6” drop will allow many folks to put their docks back in place, certainly not everyone though.
My dock is clear of water as of midday today but increased wave making boat traffic still has it in a precarious position. I have 5 gallon buckets filled with water sitting on the dock to help hold it down. Carr Q. suggested taking it a step heavier using trash barrels and I agree. Another suggestion I should have sent out 4 days ago is to leave a little slack in your boat lines so the boats aren’t putting unnecessary strain on the docks by lifting them as the water rises. You have to do it ahead of time, before the lines are so taut that you can’t release them. If you decide to put your boards back on your docks with only an inch or two of space to the water, think about the bucket/barrel trick to keep from losing them to wave action.
Boat traffic is up this afternoon, I wish I could say they are all coming from off lake but not so. I can’t imagine how someone based here can leave their own swamped dock to come out and swamp a bunch of others but that’s what is happening.
Kampersville did cancel the parade today, kudos to them.

Backing up a couple days, we have a couple shots of Newton Rd. in Forestdale sent in by Alice W.

This is still Newton Rd, but Rt 125 just down from Ripton village lost half a road also. There are lots of similarly damage roads through the state.

I was surprised to find our loon still on the nest today. This picture from this morning and

this one from this afternoon show it sitting right on the water. I can’t imagine those eggs are dry. Sally says she has know loons to sit on eggs long past the eggs being viable, they just can’t give up hope. I hope I’m wrong and they are okay, another week will tell the tale.


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