Lots of stuff, some sad

Hi all,
The lake is down to 12 1/2” above normal, good progress for sure. Just for the record, I’m defining normal as the middle of the 4” of leeway GMP shoots for in the summer. I have a step at that level and that’s where I measure from.
On a ride up the west side this afternoon, it looks like about 20% of docks are safely above water. The other 80% are below to just above and are still subject to wave damage. Shorelines are still extremely vulnerable also and it’s sad to see the silt washing in with the waves from the boats out there. Boat traffic is still thankfully way down but the inconsiderate few who are out there are doing more damage than should be allowed.
Also for the record, I said in a previous note that the boats at Waterhouses were part of the problem. One thing is that in my mind I lump the fishing access as part of Waterhouses and that is just plain wrong. The other thing is that the folks at Waterhouses are doing their best to educate the folks at their docks and if one of those boats is part of the problem, it’s not because the management hasn’t tried.

Moving on. A question and an answer came in one behind the other. Ashley W. asked how Fern was doing with all this rain. Mark E. send the picture below saying that Fern is a bit swollen. Water is covering several docks and since there is no outlet at Fern, they have to wait for evaporation to help them out.

Now the bad news. Early this afternoon we found the loon still trying to build up the nest. Here it is grabbing clumps of mud and weeds from close by and carrying it to the nest.

Though the nest looks slightly higher than yesterday, it’s still low and it appeared to get lower when the loon climbed on.

On the way into the cove to check the nest this evening, we met the loon coming out.

With the sun low and the water calm, we got several great pictures.

But when we looked to the nest, we could see it was empty.

We took a close look and it is just as soggy as it appears in the picture. I don’t think an egg can survive if it is wet all the time and the nest did sink but just slightly when I put weight on it. The eggs were not in sight underwater so I have no idea where they went. The nest is low enough that a decent wave could have washed them off but the water was clear enough that we should have been able to see them. Eric, any ideas?

Meanwhile high above the ridges we caught a shot of one big bird. He was later seen on the dead tree on the island and the comment about the size was the same. Mike

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