Water, loon, and critter report

Hi all,
Rosie and I were off lake all afternoon so missed what might have been a pretty good shower. In spite of it, we are down to 3 1/2” above where we started a week ago and should be able to claim normalcy be midday tomorrow. Thanks to all who exercised wonderful restraint during those nice days we had. Damage could have been a lot worse than it was.
I’ve gotten a couple reports of found dock sections but no reports of lost ones. If you have a neighbor who has a hole where slats should be, let me know and I can tell you where slats might be found.
There is still a lot of flotsam out there so please exercise a lot of caution for a while to come.
Paula W. reported a small bear on Kelsey Lane last evening so keep your trash in a safe place.
Mark W. has had a single loon on Fern Lake for several days and has had a pair for the last couple. It’ll be an interesting loon count next Saturday morning. We have room for spotters on the boats on Dunmore if anyone would like to help out. The more eyes the better. 7:00AM to about 9:00AM.
Per Sally, the loons at Goshen Dam and the nest on Silver Lake are still doing fine.
We finish with a rainbow from late afternoon, taken by Rob K. and

a shot I got just a few minutes ago. Enjoy, Mike

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