Quiet here

Hi all,
I caught a shot out the window as darkness fell last night. It’s the last of some clouds as we head in to an unusual stretch of several days of dry weather.

Today, Joan G. saw what is probably one of our pair facing off with a couple of strangers as the other of our pair floats nearby. It’s the time of year when loons who were unable to find a place to nest will drop in to try to establish dominance in preparation for a take over of the lake next spring. Although these meetings will sometime appear friendly, if you watch long enough you will usually see the hostility come through. Frequently these encounters will involve swimming in a tight circle while glaring at each other and they will end with a chase.

I got a couple of very long distance shots of the Silver Lake family today. These chicks are the most active 9 day olds I remember seeing. They both dive frequently for fairly long lengths of time and in this picture they are very adult looking as they swim with their heads under water looking for fish.
Sally kayaked Goshen Dam also and reports the pair and chick there doing well also. Mike

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