Loon update

Hi all,
Here are a couple shots of the loon family on Silver Lake that Kathy D. got on Friday.

It’s hard to believe that those scrawny wings will develop enough to fly them out of there in a mere 14 weeks.

This afternoon, one large loon was doing some extreme preening just down from our dock. I wish I could send you a video but my I-Photo won’t let me do it. Here’s a link to give you an idea. https://vimeo.com/29707530

One freshly preened loon below, not boat shy at all.
In the last couple days, several folks have reported seeing either three or four of them doing the posturing ritual with the circling and dipping their heads under water. One or two of them would be our resident pair. The others could be the same strangers or new ones passing through, no way to know. We hear at least one flying in almost every morning but again, no way to ID it. Mike

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