A couple evening’s worth of birds

Hi all,
Floating last evening, I caught some interesting reflections from shore on this non-loon. It was one of a flock of about ten working its way north on the east shore. Pretty neat picture, it would make a great puzzle.

As we headed for home a few minutes later, we encountered a pair of loons northbound on a low speed collision course with us. One stopped well short of us but this one kept coming like it thought it had the right of way. I guess it did because we stopped and it passed about 20 feet in front of us.

Tonight, Rosie and I were floating and reading about a hundred yards out from our dock, not paying a bit of attention to the world around us. Thankfully some passing boaters were paying attention and advised us to look up. The eagle was at the very top of the tallest tree just four camps north of us. I took a bunch of pictures, mostly wanting to be ready if it took off but it didn’t move. Mike

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