Thanksgiving week around Lake Dunmore

Hi all,
In the past week, we’ve had a little warm and a little cold, some rain and some snow, lots of gray skies but with our fair share of sun too. There have been lots of geese on the move and reports indicate that we likely still have 3 adult loons on the lake. All and all, pretty normal for mid to late November.
Kathy Dick got this pretty warm looking shot on the way up to Silver Lake early this week and

a couple days later this one looking across just north of the island that looks a little colder.

Also from Kathy, it looks like we might have eagles here as long as the lake stays open.

Rosie caught this sunrise this morning, who could ask for anything more.

A huge thank you to all our picture taking and report giving friends who help make these notes as interesting as they are, and for all the wonderful notes I get in return all year long. Not a day goes by when we aren’t thankful for whatever luck brought us here and we don’t take it for granted one single moment. A very happy Thanksgiving to all. Mike & Rosie

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All’s early winterish but well on Lake Dunmore

Hi all,
The geese have been coming and going regularly though too early or too late in the day to do anything but listen. The last loon call I heard was 3-4 days ago so I’m not sure if any are still here or not. It has been below freezing every night and we even had a couple days stay below but there is no ice on the lake yet. Some farm pond and marshes are frozen though. Kathy Dick did get this shot of the result of a strong north wind kicking a little spray up onto the low branches.

Monday, Kathy also caught an adult eagle on their favorite tree on the island. We lose trees on the island every year but I hope that this one lasts longer than we do. So many great bird shots have been taken right there.

The eagle departing eastbound. Chet, I guess your house made it through the storm.

Still from Kathy, we get the view (or non-view) from Bryant Mt. at the north end of the lake. Snow showers have been frequent and

have stuck in the higher elevations as you can see here on their walk down.

This was our welcome to the day this morning. It only lasted a couple minutes so I was lucky to catch it. Enjoy, Mike

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Brandon Artist Guild show

Hi all, For those who would like a nice way to spend a couple hours tomorrow evening, the opening reception to the Brandon Artists Guild’s winter show is tomorrow (Friday) evening 5-7PM. Refreshments will be served. Details at the link below.

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power is back for most here

Our power came on an hour or so ago here on Lakeview and I just got a note from Ashley in the Cove Point area that she is back on also. Mountain View is on too. Mike

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Wednesday evening around the lake

Hi all,
The beached pontoon boat has been rescued. Before the storm, it had been pulled up on shore a bit awaiting pickup by Gil’s. The wind rolled it upside down and then back onto its pontoons in the water.
Near us, a 80–90’ pine snapped about halfway up and the top half landed right side up about 30’ away. It’s now leaning against another tree waiting to fall across the wires again whenever they get fixed.
Speaking of fixed, power has been restored on West Shore Rd and on Rt 53 around the north end as far south as Branbury. We are still out on and off Hooker Rd. GMP is aware that those of us on the south end looking across the lake at each other are all past ready to be reconnected. Crews are supposed to be working on one of us tomorrow followed immediately by the other but the last of us will likely not be done until sometime Friday. We should be more than half way to the light at the end of the tunnel.
GMP has not started dropping the lake yet. My guess is they might wait until we can all benefit from the power produced.

On a more relaxed note, Rosie has been on sunrise duty again and gives us these first couple photos below. This was yesterday.

Lord Rufus ends our day as he retrieves a bobber from Fern Lake. I confirmed with Ashley (Rufus’s person) that there was no hook attached. Thanks Ashley and Rosie for the pics. Mike

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Tuesday evening update

Hi all,
The good news is that West Shore Rd. is finally open. The not so good news is that I haven’t heard of anyone local getting their power back on. The discouraging news is that the GMP recording is saying that it should be back on by Friday evening at 8:00 PM. My optimistic self hopes that people living within 2 minutes (at 90 MPH admittedly) of the power station will have it back on earlier and can’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t.
Though still without electricity, many local Comcast users got their internet, phones, and TV back earlier today. Those on Mountain View with Fairpoint lost theirs a few minutes later. Coincidence???

Ashley sent along a picture showing that the beavers are working her neighborhood now. As if the wind wasn’t enough of a problem.

She says this is the way she is coping. It looks very relaxing to me. It almost makes me feel bad about having a generator. Almost…


And…Brian has tied off a section of modern dock that floated to us-don’t know from where. A raft floated in also. Located in front of 2536 Lake Dunmore Rd.

I’m sending this boat picture out again and will until someone claims it. GMP normally starts rapidly dropping the water level tomorrow and that will only add more problems for the owner. I’ll get over there tomorrow to see if it has been claimed and if not, get the registration no. Meanwhile, if you have a guess, please contact any potential owner. I enlarged the picture and it looks like the boat might have been well covered and maybe blown off a lift??? It appears to have damage.

After a gray afternoon, the sun broke through at the last minute and gave us this to finish our day. Mike

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loose boat, 53 open

Rt 53 is open.

Just got forwarded this boat picture.


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