Late summer at Lake Dunmore

Hi all,
I hate to pass up a good picture so better late than never is this misty morning shot taken by Carr Q. Peaceful scene for sure.

Steve C. sent along this picture of the new harbormaster at Waterhouses. It has been seen on many docks and rafts all around the lake for the last couple weeks at least. It seems much more visible than the one here this summer but who knows.

Rosie and I have probably spent more time floating on the lake this week than any other this summer.

Today the air temperature was 75 degrees and the water 66, warm on both counts for this time of year. It was just perfect out there.

As we sat on our deck eating dinner, I spotted the loons mid lake so I jumped back in the boat in hopes of a picture or two. It’s our pair I’d guess based on their lack of discomfort when I got out there. The female has held her plumage quite well, maybe because she had a low stress summer with no chicks to worry about.

The male looks more as I would expect for this time of year. They should be leaving any time but I haven’t heard of any flocks of loons lately so maybe migration is, like everything else fallish, running late. We need a cold snap to get things moving. Mike

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Bear-A- Palooza at the Sheldon

Hi all,

Here is a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon tomorrow. Mike

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Foliage (?) season

Hi all,
Those of you away might not be aware that you have been missing very unusual weather in this part of the world. It has felt more like perfect early September weather than October. We’ve had several record breaking days in the low 80’s and though 70 ish for the last few, we are supposed to break another record on Sunday. We haven’t had any rain to speak of in the last 3 weeks and could actually use a little.
GMP has only dropped the lake a couple inches so far, they normally pull 6” the 1st of October. Those of us still boating, and there are many, many more than usual, thank you for the slow drawdown. Another couple weeks of summer level would be much appreciated.

The first 2 pictures are from Mary M. and were taken from just outside South Cove 3 mornings ago.

This is how we’ve started many mornings as of late though wind the last 2 days has taken away the smoothness for most of the day. It was back to calm this afternoon and beautiful out there again.

Andy S. has been roaming the nearby mountains and saw these turkey vultures near the Falls of Lana. He said they took off and circled over his head for a while. That would have me checking my pulse and wondering if they knew something I didn’t.

Andy got these geese over Lake Pleiad.

The migrating geese are a sign of the season but there are few others. Rosie and I took a ride around the lake late afternoon today to get you some foliage shots since this is traditionally closing in on peak time. We got the top of this tree just as we left our dock and

these up on Rattlesnake cliff. That’s it, mostly everything else is still green except for a few that have browned and dropped. Since there is still a lot of green, there may still be some color coming but the folks who booked this week a year ago are out of luck.

The best colors on the lake were the deck chairs.

Enjoy these for now and we’ll try for leaves again in a week or so. Mike

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One lazy

Good morning all,
We have one lazy,

probably hazy,

definitely crazy day of fall coming up. Enjoy, Mike

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A little this & that

Hi all,
The blue & white buoy went back to happy owners and a thank you to Steve C. for dropping it here.

Doris M. has had a little bat activity lately and would like to pass along that the state is VERY interested in any info on any interactions you might have with them. Send it along to Alyssa.Bennett.

For your bird viewing pleasure, a bit of porch rail artwork done by Warren R. of the loon on the front of our boat fame.

I don’t know what the bird above is but the two below are two views of a feeding hummer.

Just amazing.

Here are a couple exploding pods from Kathy D.

Fall is here in spite of the temperature.

For those away who might not know it, we are in the middle of a heatwave here in Vt. It will become official if tomorrow hits the expected 90’s for the third day in a row. It has truly felt like the dog days of summer, a bit misplaced for sure. Kathy called it a sultry day and as her picture shows, not much air moving out there. Heat is supposed to hold through Wednesday and then back to our normal mid 60’s which I think will feel pretty good. Mike

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A week and a half on the lake

Hi all,
For those not here, the weather is about the best it has been all summer. No foliage to send you yet, but a few other things to warrant a note.
The loons on Silver Lake and at Goshen Dam are doing fine. We still have a pair plus one here on Lake Dunmore. It won’t be long until the adults leave, the chicks will be around until at least mid November.
John & Sandy E. sent us a picture of the white deer frequently seen on the east side of the lake. This spring it looked pretty scrawny but it looks healthy enough in this picture. Or, maybe there are more than one?

Rosie has been paying attention lately and has gotten several great pictures.

We’ve had several visits from this great blue heron and her timing couldn’t have been better to get this ghostly departure.

We’ve had several foggy mornings and this shot shows fog is not always a bad thing.

While floating yesterday, we heard a splash and turned to see the eagle headed across the lake with a fish. It took a while to find it in the trees after we motored over there but I got some good pictures when we did spot it.

Someone bought a new float this year and then attached it to a rusty chain. It was found near the island so could have come from anywhere on the lake. It’s now on our dock ready to be claimed.

Another picture attesting to Rosie’s timing, and patience.

We were sitting in the shade at our dock reading today because it was too hot (really) floating in the sun. I managed to get the heron when it visited our raft again but missed the departure of course. Enjoy, Mike


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Catching up again

Hi all,
Interesting weather day in this neck of the woods today. From Burlington down to Middlebury they got near an inch of rain and Rutland got at least 7/10 of an inch. Here on the south end of Dunmore, though very dark all day, we only got a couple sprinkles. That’s fine with me.
Several days old news but so much fun it requires passing along. Mary Anne S. had a fairly large trout fall from the sky and end up on her porch. She’s guessing it came from the hatchery via an osprey and slipped from its grasp. It was whole when it landed, the picture is after a visit from the cat.

Robin P. gets the credit for the next four pictures. This one looking at Dunmore from the north is beautiful but surprising to me for its lack of any fall color. My travels of late have been limited to Rt. 7 from Pittsford to Middlebury and I have yet to see a colorful leaf. I’ve heard there is some east of the mountain though so it will start here soon.
This is a great hike and open to all, but bear hunting season started last week and there have been conflicts with hunters in the past. If you choose to go anywhere in the woods, wear your blaze orange.

Robin caught this stunning loon shot late last week and

these sunset photos are from Saturday.

Thank you Robin.

Rosie and I came home by boat late yesterday and found this great surprise in our path up from the lake. The face alone would have had us going through a long list of nice people we know but

the loon sign relocated from its storage spot helped us guess on the first try. Sally had stopped by with a report from Goshen Dam and Silver Lake and left her calling card. We have such nice friends.

The loons up the hill are doing fine and I thank all who have called in reports since the last e-mail. We still seem to have our loon pair plus one here on Dunmore.
A single adult eagle and a single immature eagle are being seen also. I’m pretty sure the adults and chicks part company as soon as the chicks fledge but I don’t know if the adult pair, or the two chicks stick together for the rest of the summer. I haven’t had any reports of them together in any case.
There is still an unclaimed canoe and 2 unclaimed wind surfers in the area. Someone has to be looking for them and we are running out of season.
I have 4 blue barrels up for grabs if anyone can use them. I can deliver by boat if you are here on Dunmore and could probably be talked into doing it by truck if you are on Fern. They’ll go to strangers if no one speaks up. Mike

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