This evening

Hi all,
On the ride home from Burlington, Rosie and I got to enjoy a prolonged sunset. Now you can enjoy it too. Mike

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Yesterday & today

Hi all,
Springlike here on Lake Dunmore for the last couple days. Temps in the mid 40’s yesterday broke a record and had fog slowly rolling up the lake as viewed from West Shore Rd. towards Sucker Brook mid morning.

A shot from the spillway shows shanties barely visible in the mist.

Temps didn’t drop at all last night and this morning Ashley got this early view of the day to come from the bridge at the north end. Those ducks have been here all winter, feeding in whatever water remained open.

This is what Rosie and I woke up to, what a great way to start the day.

The overnight temperatures and rain had water on the ice that only got more wide spread as we reached the mid 60’s mid day. Back to normal tomorrow but thankfully no bitter cold in the forecast. Normal is good. Mike

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Busy week on the lake

Hi all,
The bitter cold has left us, at least for the time being. The sun is climbing ever higher into the sky and on sunny days, our south facing driveway starts melting in the morning as temperatures climb through the high teens and low twenties. This week, temps are forecast in the thirties and low forties, a much appreciated break.

Here’s a great way to visit Dunmore on a clear winter day. Tom Wright caught him (her?) just before takeoff. I would love to hitch a ride.

Derby weekend was a gray one but I don’t think ice fishermen care. They have their village spread out from just north of Waterhouses to Sucker Brook to the island.

This is the view from West Shore Rd. towards Sucker Brook. No shortage of participants.

Others shanties are scattered north and south, this one with all the comforts of home is just off Mountain View and was sent along by Erin & Laura Korff.

The couple of fishermen I talked to at the store said the fishing had been good. This was Sunday morning and right after I took the shot, some folks came in with fish that knocked a couple of these leaders off their first place position.

Ashley sent these taken on her visit to Ca. Can you imagine how boring it would be to live where the weather is always warm!

Yes, that is what sour grapes sounds like. Thank you Ashley for a peek at what we hope to have in about three months. Enjoy, Mike

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We have winter

Hi all,
It’s now about 5:30 PM and it appears the NWS got it right today. The view out our window goes about halfway across the lake in moderate snow that has been falling since about 10:30 this morning. They said it would come down at about an inch an hour and about an inch an hour it has been.
I got a report of a vehicle through the ice near Sucker Brook, no one hurt that I know of. With well over a foot of ice to drive safely(?) on over most of the lake, “lets go where the water is flowing” seems like a pretty poor idea to me.

The fishing derby happens this coming weekend and here’s a picture of a nice one that got caught a little too early. The photographer is Ben Lufkin and the fisherman is Jeff & Sue Wallin’s grandson. The pike is 15 lbs, caught in North Bay I think.

We finish with our “wish I was there” photo from Paula Wilson. They are in Ironwood National Monument, just north of Tucson. I checked the weather there for the heck of it and they are suffering through a forecast of clear skies with daytime temperatures about 80 degrees until further notice. Lets see, if we start driving in the morning…..Mike

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A couple weeks worth.

Hi all,
Not much besides weather going on at the moment in our part of the woods but good pictures from friends keep trickling in so we figured we’d share a few from the last couple weeks.
Ken Blair sent this one looking from the southeast shore towards the cove just south of us.

Kathy Dick has a tree being re-designed on a daily basis. If you look closely,

you can see the culprit. All woodpeckers can make a decent hole but a pileated is a master of the trade.

We’ve had a wide variety of weather since the last note. Ashley Wolfe caught these next two

after a moisture laden day or night turned very cold.

Sue Wetmore has been out scouring the state for birds and, if memory serves me correctly,

found these snowy owls and

this immature eagle in Addison. I’ve been told that the snowy owls are findable if you start at the goose viewing area and slowly travel the roads just west of there. Look hard around the farms and you might add a hawk variety or three to your count.

Rosie has been recording our morning view as it changes from blustery and cold with snow showers to

rain showers with low clouds formed by warm air over the cold lake.

The shanties sit empty most of the time during the week. The fishing derby is coming up in the next couple weekends and we will have plenty of action then.

We’ve had our share of clear and cold of course and Rosie captured

one of those mornings here. The sun comes over the mountain just about in the middle of this picture. It streams into our living room and will bring the temperature in there to the mid 70’s with no heat on. It feels sooooo good. The schedule for a day like that is wake up, get up, eat, go to the living room and try to read a book, wake up, eat, go try to read again etc.

Andy Singer sends his regards with this sunrise and

sunset from Treasure Island Fl. He says it is just as warm as it looks and he will be back in Vt. in a few……………….. months. And I’m sending this out on a day that topped out at 15 degrees. Thanks Andy

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A couple days in our corner

Hi all,
No news here, except for the weather of course. It’s still well below average though the forecast is for 40’s by the weekend.
Rosie caught a great sunrise this morning.

This afternoon we noticed the first activity at the shanties in several days. At least one person is confident in the thickness of the ice.

We had this visitor in our driveway one single digit morning a few days ago. It appeared to take a little nap

in the sun before rousing and moving on.

We had no finches until the day after the warm weather last week. We now have (gold?)finches and juncos galore in addition to bluejays, doves, hairy woodpeckers, a red bellied woodpecker, a female cardinal, and an occasional chickadee. Mike

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Just wait a minute

Hi all,
Seesawing weather has made for a few interesting few days here. From bitter cold 3 days ago to a little above freezing Thursday and record high temp yesterday, we now are now back to very cold and heading for bitter again.

Yesterday afternoon at 60 degrees, this is the view. The snow left on the deck pretty well represents the snow left on the ground. There is still some where it was plowed up but otherwise bare. Notice there are no birds either.

It’s very pretty looking across at Duncan’s place and

at the shanties in the mist a little further right of the above picture.

This morning it is 13 degrees and snowing. The birds are back as

are the squirrels.

We have our share of wind too, the bluejay is having to hang on as it sways back and forth. We are headed for minus 10 degrees tonight, a mere 70 degrees colder than yesterday.
Time to go plow the driveway. Mike

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