Loon update

Hi all,
Here are a couple shots of the loon family on Silver Lake that Kathy D. got on Friday.

It’s hard to believe that those scrawny wings will develop enough to fly them out of there in a mere 14 weeks.

This afternoon, one large loon was doing some extreme preening just down from our dock. I wish I could send you a video but my I-Photo won’t let me do it. Here’s a link to give you an idea. https://vimeo.com/29707530

One freshly preened loon below, not boat shy at all.
In the last couple days, several folks have reported seeing either three or four of them doing the posturing ritual with the circling and dipping their heads under water. One or two of them would be our resident pair. The others could be the same strangers or new ones passing through, no way to know. We hear at least one flying in almost every morning but again, no way to ID it. Mike

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Quiet here

Hi all,
I caught a shot out the window as darkness fell last night. It’s the last of some clouds as we head in to an unusual stretch of several days of dry weather.

Today, Joan G. saw what is probably one of our pair facing off with a couple of strangers as the other of our pair floats nearby. It’s the time of year when loons who were unable to find a place to nest will drop in to try to establish dominance in preparation for a take over of the lake next spring. Although these meetings will sometime appear friendly, if you watch long enough you will usually see the hostility come through. Frequently these encounters will involve swimming in a tight circle while glaring at each other and they will end with a chase.

I got a couple of very long distance shots of the Silver Lake family today. These chicks are the most active 9 day olds I remember seeing. They both dive frequently for fairly long lengths of time and in this picture they are very adult looking as they swim with their heads under water looking for fish.
Sally kayaked Goshen Dam also and reports the pair and chick there doing well also. Mike

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found canoe

Kathy & Bob H. found a green 17’ canoe floating loose at the north end today. They tied it to the dock at Sunset Lodge.

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More Silver Lake

If anyone gets up to Silver Lake, do try to get pictures and I’ll pass them along. These are also from Allon.

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Silver Lake loons

Hi all,
Allon, Marianne, and Sally spent several hours watching the Silver Lake family yesterday and Allon got many wonderful pictures. I’ll send more tomorrow.
I don’t remember seeing this much shell left in a nest before. Usually the loons clean it out before leaving which, for those of you new to the list, happens shortly after the second chick is born. The chicks will not set foot on dry land again until they are old enough to breed and nest on their own in 4-5 years.

The rest of the pictures need no explanation, just enjoy. Thank you Allon. Mike

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loon news

Hi all,
The chicks on Silver Lake hatched yesterday and are doing fine. No pictures of them but our Dunmore pair gave us a photo op last evening. Mike

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Loonwatch this morning

Hi all,
We had a very successful loon count this morning. A calm lake with no glare made conditions about as good as we could ask for here on Dunmore. With 12 of us on 3 boats, we covered the lake in about an hour and a half and found 4 loons, 2 to 4 osprey, a couple high eagles, a great blue heron and a cormorant. We caught a quick glimpse of an uncountable family of mergansers in Sucker Brook and saw a couple of (I think) female mallards in North Cove. That’s not much in the duck department, and surprisingly no geese.
John & Kathy D. found 1 loon on and 1 loon off the nest at Silver Lake. They also found the water level back up on the base of the nest so thank you GMP.
Allon and Marianne W. had thick fog at Goshen Dam but did find the 2 adults and the chick.
Mark E. got skunked at Fern Lake, probably because the loons he has been seeing were all here on Dunmore. I haven’t heard from John & Xu K. about Mud Pond but don’t have high expectations there are any there.
Peter M. was checking Lake Pleiad up at the Snow Bowl where we do have a little hope since they’ve been heard coming and going. I’ll let you know when I hear.
Our Dunmore group consisted of John E. and Cathy M. with Brenda B. and Shelagh S. on board. Harold and Jean S. had Marielle B. and Sally B. for their crew. And Rosie and I had Karen and John H. riding with us. A big thanks to all for pitching in and I hope to see you all on the third Saturday in July next year. Mike

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