Found Male Lab

Found male chocolate lab on Rt 53 near Dunmore Acres. Call 989-1298

Red collar, Leicester rabies tag #199

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Loons doing great, and ID help

Hi all,
Our loons remain tucked back in the cove and staying out of traffic. Amen for that. Notice how much the chick has grown in just a few days.

Bird experts, Andy Singer got this youngster on Mountain View. What is it?

Here’s one for the botanists in the group from Doris Marshall.
We have two large foliage plants growing on the mountain. The one that looks like an overgrown violet (2nd pic) is a perennial, has come up at least 4-5 years. The other is new (or newly noticed) and we think it’s probably an alium app. 7″ average, but we haven’t been able to find either after diligent searches online.

And lastly we have one for the FME’s (fecal matter experts), this found on our deck a couple mornings ago. Not being a FME myself, I though someone out there could help. I’m guessing raccoon (BIG RACCOON) since those boards are 6” across. Maybe it’s time I put out the game camera. Mike

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Loons and fireworks

H all,
I hope you had a good 4th. In spite of the great lake day, it wasn’t overly busy here today. Maybe it’s too hot?

Here are three pictures of our LD loons taken by Sue Wetmore.

For those who missed the fireworks Sunday night, here is a partial review taken from the mountain compliments of Linda and Greg Moore and family. Thank you Moore family and Sue.

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Happy 4th

Hi all,
Don’t forget the ice cream social at the church today 1:30 to 4:00 (maybe 4:30) and the boat parade which starts at North Cove at 2:00 I think. If you plan to participate, check with Kampersville to confirm start time. Kampersville fireworks are tonight at the entrance to North Cove.

All our loons are doing fine as of yesterday. Sally reports that the Goshen Dam chicks are already diving a little. The Dunmore family is staying in Brushes Cove and Allon got the first three pictures below on Monday, all wonderful.

The last two evenings, only one adult has been there with the chick on its back. That adult stays super wary, frequently checking underwater for enemies below.
Enjoy the day. Mike

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Late day chick check

Hi all,
While Rosie and I took a break for some supper, the family crossed the busy lake to the east side. We caught up with them in time for a few evening photos.
Nap time.

Stretch time.

A dinner offering. The chick did eat this one but the next was refused so the parent ate it. Waste not…

They later headed deeper into Brushes Cove where they will hopefully spend the night and many days to come. For those who haven’t been on the lake for a hundred years, Brushes Cove is the one on the east side just south of the mouth of Sucker Brook. Other loon families have used that area for between a week and a month before venturing further out with the chick(s).
Enjoy, Mike

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We have a chick

Hi all,
Floating off the island for a while, we watched the mate in and out several times but always staying close. At about 10:50 we caught our first glimpse of the baby.

The trip to the water was delayed by a passing eagle. It seemed to pay no attention to the loons but the loons paid plenty of attention to it.

At about 11:30, the chick slid into the water, followed closely by the adult on the nest. They spent the next 45 minutes feeding it before the chick climbed on a back and disappeared under a wing. Woo Hoo! Mike

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loon update

Hi all,
Rosie and I took a quick run up to the island this evening to check on the nest. Not a bad evening after 2” of rain in the last 24 hours or so. We caught the calm after the storm.

Looking back towards South Cove, we were the only ones out there for a while. It’ll be a while before we experience this kind of peaceful again. The holiday weekend will begin tomorrow and oh how things will change.

A couple days ago, we saw the mate near the island looking for an intruder

who was trying very hard not to be seen. It didn’t work though and it got chased off to the south. The mate has been sticking closer to the island which might indicate that the hatch is soon. My prediction was for it to happen today, plus or minus a day so lets hope.

As we motored slowly home this evening, we could see the clearing weather to come, and a kayaker floating and watching also.

Behind us though, one last shower to grow on.

The family at Goshen Dam is doing fine as of today and the pair at Silver Lake have still not nested. For them to nest this late would be really unusual so I think it’s safe to assume that they are taking this summer off.

Here are the pictures worth waiting for. Allon went back up to Goshen a couple days after the hatch and got these absolutely wonderful shots.

In this picture you can see the second chick peeking out from under a wing. Thank you Allon.

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