Water Quality


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  1. paula wilson says:

    Two major flooding events last year resulted in much greater than average phospherous entering our lakes and streams. In an average year with normal rainfall levels our lakes are already assaulted by too much phospherous. The best thing we as shoreline homeowners can do to help reduce the amount of phospherous from entering our lakes is to plant and maintain a riparian buffer. Planting season is right around the corner. Please consider planting trees, shrubs and other plantings or simply let nature revegetage your lakefront. Careful use (or my favorite “no use”) of chemicals or fertilizers should be used anywhere near the shoreline. Does one really need the perfect lawn when it means degrading the water quality of our lakes?

    Remember phosperous is what feeds aquatic plants and of particular interest to us, Eurasion milfoil. If we as a whole can reduce the amount of phospherous entering our lakes, it will help with our milfoil control program.

    A healthy lake is a beautiful lake and that means keeping it as natural as possible. And it is also extremely helpful to pick up those fragments.

    Please do what you can to help out this effort. I am happy to help anyone interested in planting a riparian buffer.

    Thanks and look forward to seeing you all on the lake.

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