Dunmore Dip

Greetings from the lakes.  Lord Dunmore has returned to Kampersville. Having spent the winter at the Ebert Spa, he is  ready for the Lake Dunmore Fishing Derby on Feb. 1 & 2.  All Dippers can get entry forms at  Kampersville, locations throughout Middlebury and Brandon, and by printing them from the LDFLA web site.  He is gathering  supplies and will make his march to the lake at the end of February.  Follow his progress.

Join us in taking a chance at $1.00 each and figure out what DATE and TIME the ice will go out.   Print the entry form (Dip_entry_form_2014 ) and mail  it with your check to:
P. O.  BOX 14

Pass this message along to your family and friends.   The more entries, the bigger the reward.  Entry forms must be postmarked by March 15, 2014. Last year’s pay out was over $1000.00! View Dunmore Dip flyer here: easel_display_flyer2014 (PDF)


7 Responses to Dunmore Dip

  1. John Ebert says:

    Lord Dumore has been hanging out at Kampersville the last few weeks and today he called
    me for a lift over to Rosies Rest. He’ll be there until next week when he heads out to Brush’s point with his trusty clock to start watching for the bucket to go through the ice. Could be anther early year…

  2. John Ebert says:

    We are now an international game like Joe’s pond.
    We have 3 winners this year. They all guessed 10:15 AM 3/13, 1 minute off the 10:14 clock stop.
    Debbie Wing Leicester, Vt.
    Ken Bramall UK
    Doug Perkins Springfield, Va.

    They each win $248
    We had 80 guesses for the 13th and 15 within the hour.
    Monies were down this year.
    I am wide open for promotion ideas to improve this effort to raise funds.

  3. Chip says:

    Wow! gotta be getting close. Sun has been really intense and coming days are supposed to be warm, warm, warm!

  4. John Ebert says:

    The flag was placed out on the ice yesterday for Lord Dunmore to watch. Will get him out on the Brushes point by Wed. 3/7. Moving him in from end of point about 20 feet this year to secure him to a tree to help him remain upright when the wind blows. Depending on the weather we could have a record early ice out this year, or not…

  5. John Ebert says:

    Ice was 13 inches thick the other day. Solid clear ice… Last winter, with all the snow we had, it insulated the ice from freezing all that thick. The thickest I found was 9 inches. This warm
    weather could make for an early ice out… or if we get some snow to insulate the ice from the sun
    it could be an average ice out. What do you think??? Get your guesses in on time!!!
    We are greatly expanding the milfoil program this year — more divers, a second suction harvester, professional crew manager — therefore more expense. We need ice out players…
    Spread the word!!!

  6. John Ebert says:

    Dunmore Dip Featured on Channel 3 News. Click Here to see clip.

  7. John Ebert says:

    My apologies on not getting the stocking stuffer offer out in time to put in the stockings!
    I am a little late getting in gear promoting our Dunmore Dip this year, but so is the ice! We still have open water in the north end of the lake as of 1/12/2012
    Does that mean an early ice out? Not necessarily!
    How about we offer up an extension on the stocking stuffer special to Jan. 24?
    Don’t know what that is? Go here to see http://www.ldfla.com/other/dunmore-dip.html
    We really need your help to promote and play our ice out game this year. We had fewer players last year than the year before, but more guesses per player (up to almost 16 per player from 9 the previous year), so the winner and the MIlfoil program both did better than in 2010.
    How about forwarding some of our emails to people you know with a little note just saying….
    “Thought you may be interested in playing our Dumore Dip ice out game”
    Keep checking this blog for information on how thick the ice is but you will not know exactly where I am taking the readings and it won’t be where Lord Dunmore is watching for his flag to go down!
    John Ebert

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