Several things

Hi all,
Most important is this message from Songa, lets hope we can find it.
A staff person had her bicycle taken from our staff parking lot last week. Since it could have been used and dropped in the area we thought it could be helpful to have others aware of the make and model.

It is a Trek 7100, and is in the class of cross. The brand is Trek, model is 7100 Multitrack. It’s olive green and silver and the serial number is 182424917. A police report has been filed with VT State Police.

Next, we still need a third boat to cover they lake effectively for loon count this Saturday morning. If you would like to participate but aren’t sure of your loon finding skills, we may be able to find someone to ride with you. We go up the lake 3 abreast starting at South Cove at 7:00AM and will be done by 9:00. I would even welcome a 4th boat if there was one. All you need is a pair of binoculars, a watch, and the ability to tell a loon from a merganser if you don’t want anyone riding with you. If you are a good bird finder but don’t have a boat and would like to come along, let me know that too and we’ll try to match you up with a boater.

One adult and the chick were in the cove NW of the island when we went up midday today. We didn’t stay too long so didn’t see the other adult. The lake remains quieter than normal in my opinion but we did see both speedboats and jet skis altering course early or slowing when they saw the loons. Kayaks and canoes watched from a distance that didn’t affect the loons too, it was great.

The clouds thinned enough for the super moon to finally show itself sometime after 10:00 last night. If anyone else got a good picture they’d like to share, please send it over. Mike

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